Dr. Santosh T. Soans

Dr. Santosh T. Soans

Dear IAPians,

It is a pleasure for me to write my first message to you as the President of IAP.

At the outset, I wish to acknowledge with all humility, the surge of congratulatory messages from all of you for serving a successful term of office. Thank you with all my heart for your good wishes. I especially wish to thank colleagues of Nagpur for arranging a fabulous Installation Ceremony during Nagpur Pedicon. It shall certainly remain one of my fondest life memories, as will Nagpur Pedicon, which set a new benchmark in overall excellence.

The national conference also played host to the EB meeting which was well attended and went on smoothly; a lot of business was concluded during the meeting. I am delighted by the excellent co-operation I have received from one and all. As a further innovation and a symbolic gesture to organization unity, I have released the Presidential Action Plan jointly with President-Elect Dr.Digant D. Shastri. I seek your c-operation and support for making it a success.

Dr. Santosh T. Soans
IAP President

IAP has so far been riding on its solid growth which was sculpted by the hard work of our movement’s stalwarts of the last 50 years. The foundation for the next 50 years should be built by us with matching – if not more – imagination. Now it is time for us to take charge and do some value addition on our part. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” said Eleanor Roosevelt. Let us put our minds together and look into the future with creative strategies for meeting emerging challenges. As I said in my Installation Address at Nagpur, a good leader is not he who has many followers, but rather who creates may more leaders. IAP distinguishes itself by virtue of a decentralized leadership structure. The organization offers innumerable leadership opportunities at every stage, like national level, state level, district level and city level. There are also many avenues of service within IAP sub-chapters too. I urge each of you to involve wholeheartedly in your local activities and pursue a leadership track which provides scope for your future growth. Today IAP needs more leaders than ever before. We need your full involvement and participation. Let us herald a resurgent IAP with new vision and enthusiasm.

I thank Dr. Remesh Kumar, first HSG outside Mumbai for the extraordinary commitment and hard work. I express my best wishes to you all and seek your continued co-operation and participation in IAP activities at all times.

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